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 I have successfully helped over hundreds of people who, just like you, were struggling to find a way to feel more positive every day. People who didn’t like what the numbers on their scales were reading. People who were frustrated by how bad their clothes were fitting and who were generally unhappy with the direction of their lives.

I have helped many of my current and past clients understand that a knowledgeable, experienced, empathetic but demanding coach can make all the difference in self-maximization.

I’m constantly in search of innovative findings concerning the health and wellness industry. Every day is a new opportunity to educate myself on various topics ranging from the principles of bio-mechanics to self-mastery.

I’m constantly working hard for my clients helping them rejuvenate their lives. By pushing them to work sensibly within their limits via fitness training and providing top quality and current information that they won’t find with one dimensional personal trainers.

You can be confident in my guidance since I have been in the personal training industry since I was 17 years old (1998). I worked for a highly renowned trainer (Alex Semenik) back in the late 90’s, learning my craft when Billy Blanks was the craze. Alex was my first boss and is still one of my key consultants for cutting edge fitness information since he has trained over 200 professional athletes including Mike Tyson (former Heavyweight Champion of the World).

By working for high quality people, and by keeping up a relentless pace of continual study in fitness and personal development, as well as leveraging my contacts to find more cutting edge information, I feel my overall knowledge rivals that of anyone in the Valley in the way of comprehension of fitness modalities – which translates to maximum results for you.

Over the years I have seen all the fads, gimmicks and crazes come and go……. and, yes, I tried them all. Over that time I have learned that tried and true, fundamental training and nutrition concepts, which are time tested, can bring amazing results for you!

Patrick Thomas Fitness

Patrick Thomas Fitness

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